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He was not selected for the Indian team after the triumph at the Bangkok Asiad. At the Champions Trophy tourney held at Cologne. Early Life He was born on the 16th of July at Khadki. Dhanraj got to play with the internationally celebrated participants like Marcellus Gomes and Mark Patterson and honed his accomplishments under the able counsel of Carvalho. Most important of all, Dhanraj still has that passion, hunger and love for the game. He is the most inspiring Hockey player of our country. Such is the charisma of this man from Pune that his fan following cuts across even borders. Birla Award for excellence in Sports. Get downing of Hockey calling The senior brother of Dhanraj.

To run his academy, he raises funds by collecting empty cartridges and sell to a European company which recycles them and gives money. He is the most inspiring Hockey player of our country.

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Dhanraj Pillay, whose career spanned from December to Augustplayed international matches. Dhanraj Pillay is one of the most gifted forwards of his era with a small frame and flowing locks, he could wreak havoc in rival defences.

He recently joined Aam Aadmi Party and began his political career.

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His is the story of a poor boy making it big in the world of hockey, from the narrow and muddy streets of Kirkee. Dhanraj Pillay was awarded the player of the tournament award in the Champions trophy held at Cologne, Germany.

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Pillai's career has been marked by a constant struggle against all odds; the signs were evident early on in his life. Dhanraj Pillay was awarded the Padma Shri, a civilian award in Cardinal Accomplishments He has been the lone Hockey participant who has participated in 4 Olympic Games held in the old ages Turning Point Though Dhanraj had shown a lot of promise from his early childhood, the real breakthrough in his hockey carrier came when he was selected to the Kirkee hockey school, near Pune. Achievements And Accolades Coming from a very humble background, Dhanraj has proved that determination, hard work and potential can achieve you the desired. After this. Playing on the soft, muddy surface of the OFK ground with his brothers and friends from the colony, he learnt his skills with broken sticks and discarded hockey balls, imitating the style of legendary forward and idol, Mohammed Shahid. Awards As an award to his extra-ordinary excellence and devotedness towards the game of Hockey and his part towards state through his attempts made in the game the highest featuring award of India.

Dhanraj Pillay, whose hockey profile spanned from December to Augustplayed international matches.

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