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Although artificial intelligence contributes to the continued development of technology and this trend, we can simultaneously hope that automated agents might take over some of our tasks and thus also provide us some leisure time. They are mostly preprogrammed by a human instructor and consist of a robot arm with a number of degrees of freedom Nof, Such robots might feel like the monstrous characters from sci-fi movies, and the reluctance to interact with robots increases. Journal of Academic Ethics, 8 2 , — At the same time, they might claim that skin color and race are parameters not being used. Thus, it is in our own interest to make them user friendly. Google Scholar Buchholz, R.

These were slow, and it was not then obvious that the web and the Internet were something that could become as large and comprehensive as it is today. Medically important information must be reported, but at the same time, the person must be able to maintain privacy.

However, Internet and access to it gradually became faster and browsers also became more user friendly.

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Excessively long editorial decisions and excessively long publication times by journals: Causes, risks, consequences, and proposed solutions. A robot arriving in our home can start learning about our behavior and preferences and, like a child, gradually personalize its interactions, leading us to enjoy having it around similarly to having a cat or dog.

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Views on the peer review system of biomedical journals: An online survey of academics from high-ranking universities. However, the introduction of 3D-printing combined with rapid prototyping opens up the possibility of in-the-field mechanical reconfiguration and adaptation Lipson and Kurman,

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In this context, scientists must compete for the resources to conduct research and publish the results as soon as possible to further their scientific reputation in the investigated subject matter, which is the only way to secure funding sources for future research. Google Scholar Greyser, Steven A. However, such devices and systems would need to behave properly for us to want them close by. Google Scholar Berkman, H. A global view. Google Scholar Barry, V. Each article submitted for consideration must meet the following requirements: 1. It should be clarified that the responsibility for making or not making a statement of potential conflict of interest lies solely and expressly with the author.
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