Hillarys thesis on communism

Hillary decided against the job, informing Alinsky that she felt law school was the better choice for the moment. For the record, when I googled the Alinsky-Playboy interview this week I found the aforementioned excerpt posted at among other places a Satanist website.

In the coming decades, he noted, radical organizers will focus their attention on "America's white middle class. Alinsky eschewed ideology.

Hillarys thesis on communism

But what she said in that one paragraph is telling. Not now. Debs , Martin Luther King, Jr. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away. If you plan to run for president, be careful what you research. Get out the torch, dear tolerant progressive, rain hellfire on thy enemy! In retrospect, all of this was largely pragmatic positioning. In , Hillary wrote her undergraduate thesis at Wellesley on — of all subjects — Saul Alinsky and his tactics. In his chapter on "tactics," he offers various practical tips that might have come straight out of the Clinton, or the Obama, playbook. He meant to approach the ultimate goal slowly, piecemeal, perhaps over generations, through patient organizing efforts at the local level. Ross built the Community Service Organization in several cities, mostly among Latinos, recruiting new members and identifying potential leaders through house meetings and one-on-one conversations. Advertisement Alinsky was a democratic socialist. You do not seek to convince or persuade enemies. She was thinking about her place in the world. If the ideals Alinsky espouses were actualized, the result would be social revolution.

Alinsky developed a talent for building trusting relationships with community residents, criminals, and prisoners. Maybe the time has come to hear new voices.

alinsky organizing model

But overlooked in the controversy was the larger story of how conservatives have twisted a little-known community organizer into a symbol of radical extremism. The most important words in his book's title are not "rules" or "radicals," but "pragmatic" and "realistic.

rules for radicals mockery
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Want to understand Hillary Clinton? Read Saul Alinsky