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Date Added: Author: Puneeth Thanku for giving Information Date Added: Author: kiran Help me how to speak english Date Added: Author: aslam todays time english language is need of everybodys Source The Language of Hollywood Everyone knows that Hollywood is in the United States, and that the biggest television and music industries in the world are based there. In India, people travelling from north to south for education or business communicate mostly in English; it has become a unifying factor in the country. Date Added: Author: sangita ghimire there are many importance of English language. At this time we could say English language is the official language in the research field, in international relations Date Added: Author: aya thanks Date Added: Author: Murugan niceeee Being able to speak English is not just about being able to communicate with native English speakers, it is the most common second language in the world. However, it's not a secret for anyone that today he plays an important role in the job placement. In the event that you know a foreign speech, you can always easily ask for help in a foreign country. The role of English in youth life English plays an important role in the lives of adolescents and young people. If you want to one day work in the entertainment industry, English is even more essential. Knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar of this language is extremely necessary in order to study abroad. Cultures that have helped shape modern English include Romans, Vikings and the French. Date Added: Author: Vipin That's the best deal in the world Date Added: Author: Azza Hallo, i am a graduated woman from Ahfad university from Sudan and i need a scholarship to study English language because i dreamed to be a native speaking in English.

Computer games in English are very popular among gamers. A large number of English words are present in the youth speech.

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What influence has English had in third world countries? Learn from the best!

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Written and spoken language continued to change. Sunil Pedgaonkar;Consulting Engineer India English is most widely spoken; used language if viewed internationally. Date Added: Author: Moses Amukoto p wow it was really helpful.

If we know English, we will get good chance to find good jobs? Over the years, English has become one of the main contributing factors in Indian authors gaining global recognition for books, and films made by Indians in English have become widespread as well.

English is the official language of 45 countries in the world. When travelling, on a business trip or simply communicating with people from another country, you need to be able to speak English.

Importance of english essay

It's no secret that many young people spend a lot of free time using them. There might be some reason of circumstances where i do live but i want to be fluent in English, Would you please share some tips although i got 7 in IELTS speaking module despite of that i want to be more fluent as native speaker. Date Added: Author: omar hassan if you now english language you wil able to understanding your educational levels as you now your magazine Date Added: Author: Omnia Gamar Hello, my name is omnia. In fact, because it is so dominant in international communication, you will find more information regarding nearly every subject if you can speak this language. In order to understand each other, they use English. But I belief I can do what should I do.. This is why learning English is really important for a person in these times. I got allllllllll knowledge from here so thanks Date Added: Author: Estela English language is one of the most important language in the world. These 7 tips will help you. This means that all our profits are re-invested in the school, our purpose is to provide the highest possible quality in English language teaching at our schools in Brighton and Eastbourne.

And, though other languages such as German and Russian are important in the world of Science, it is English that plays the most important role in spreading scientific knowledge.

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What Is The Importance Of Communication In English At Present Time?