Pulp and paper industry

The industries were criticised by the environmental groups for deforestation of old grown forest.

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However, current attention is focused on the larger and longer-term effects of forests and plantations, such as the impairment of natural ecosystems, the health and diversity of species, and the economic resources of fisheries and recreation.

Paper is a sheet used for writing or printing. The studies have found the paper industry plants on average 1. These paper were used in magazines or packaging. Alternative methods to clear-cutting, such as selective cutting, are generally less environmentally stressful but often lead to "high grading," where only the best-quality trees are harvested, leaving a low-quality stand.

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Pulp and Paper Industry Pulp and Paper industry manufactures paper machines and papers. These practices are used to provide the diversity of forest structures like clear-cuts and old growth needed to maintain biodiversity Boyce and McNab,Oliver, Reforestation including single-species plantations on cleared and nonforested lands such as marginal agricultural crop and pasture lands is preferable to clear-cutting in many cases Blum et al.

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Pulp and Paper