The real cause of the cold war

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Kennedy suddenly saw that he had been deceived by Krushchev and convened a war cabinet called ExCom Executive Committee of the National Security Council , which included the Secretaries of State and Defense Rusk and McNamara , as well as his closest advisers. In this period the Soviets unsuccessfully blockaded the Western-held sectors of West Berlin —49 ; the United States and its European allies formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO , a unified military command to resist the Soviet presence in Europe ; the Soviets exploded their first atomic warhead , thus ending the American monopoly on the atomic bomb; the Chinese communists came to power in mainland China ; and the Soviet-supported communist government of North Korea invaded U. The signing of the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty followed in , which banned aboveground nuclear weapons testing. NSC 68 added an international dimension to the concept of peace through political, economic, and military strength. But then Soviet tanks and troops rolled back into the city in the first days of November to crush the Hungarian Revolution, brutally crushing the revolution and killing an estimated two thousand people. Castro, on the other hand was quite different in his response. For its part, the United States helped overthrow a left-wing government in Guatemala , supported an unsuccessful invasion of Cuba , invaded the Dominican Republic and Grenada , and undertook a long —75 and unsuccessful effort to prevent communist North Vietnam from bringing South Vietnam under its rule see Vietnam War. In four years, the Nixon administration reduced American forces in Vietnam from , to twenty-four thousand.

Stationing missiles on Cuba the only western communist country meant that Russian missiles could now be fired on America. Kennedy suddenly saw that he had been deceived by Krushchev and convened a war cabinet called ExCom Executive Committee of the National Security Councilwhich included the Secretaries of State and Defense Rusk and McNamaraas well as his closest advisers.

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This means that the Soviet Union was positioned on the far-left side of the economic spectrum, while the United States was position on the right side. So he set about eliminating the causes of conflict. At the same time, it leaves open the possibility of U. In general, a dictatorship is the opposite of democracy, which is a system of government in which the people hold the power and the ability to choose who represents their government. There was a tepid response from the congressional group. They became known as the Defense Intellectuals. Other goals focused on how the world would carry on after the war. The entire operation went against everything LeMay had learned in his thirty-three years of experience. Power was cut, highways and waterways blocked and trains were stopped. The answer, that there would be , dumbfounded him.

A number of geopolitical factors that emerged in the wake of the Second World War, pitting Russia against the U. But how did two countries that used to fight on the same side end up a couple of years later as mortal enemies in a Cold War of distrust that prevailed for years to come?

As such, the Soviet Union was not able to militaristically challenge the United States and worked to develop their own atomic weapons. In general, the people exercise their authority through elections in which they choose others to represent their interests in a formal legislative structure.

The real cause of the cold war

Task forces studied and made recommendations regarding three possible strategies: Loading The net effect of these repressive measures was a general loss of faith in the system. As a result, the communists were able to force the socialists to join them in coalitions they dominated. It went back to the LeMay doctrine—hitting an enemy with everything you had at your disposal if you have already come to the conclusion that a military engagement is your only option. It is possible, although doubtful, that Nixon and Kissinger might have come up with a scheme to extend aid to the beleaguered South Vietnamese, but the Watergate scandal engulfed the Nixon White House, ending the reign of the Nixon Doctrine. Stalin had created a system of centralized economic direction that emphasized heavy metal and smokestack industries. The Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, welcomed the Russian deployment since it would offer additional protection against any American invasion like the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in Communism differs from capitalism because it focuses on the government having much more control over the economy, and is often referred to as a command economy.

However, the Potsdam Conference is now viewed as a major event in the Cold War as well, because it highlighted the divide between Stalin and the other two leaders similar to the earlier Yalta Conference.

This currency reform was known as Wirtschaftswunder meaning the economic miracle. The United States had no plan for dealing with any major uprising behind the Iron Curtain.

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